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Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation live in every aspect of the employee, customer, and client experience.


Jen O'Ryan, PhD
Double Tall Consulting

Clients hire me because I can -

• Spot things in content or manuscripts that they can't (too close to the      work, too overwhelmed to think about it, not sure what to look for)

• Suggest or design nuanced alternatives that land differently, are more inclusive, and make their message available to a broader audience

• Provide guidance and advice without coming from a place of judgment - we're all at different places on the journey

• Do all of this in a way that is authentic for the client and their intentions

What's getting in the way of your message?

Could your content use a refresh?
(spoiler alert: probably, yes)

Check out all the places that bias, stereotypes, and barriers like to hide.

Working with humans - it's going to get messy 

Want to improve your content, but are not sure
where (or how) to start?

Check out a workshop or series to get things rolling

"Jen is committed to helping writers and publishers create a more inclusive, accessible product. She combines a deep understanding of Inclusion and Diversity with an extensive background in writing for different audiences (technical papers, academic, non-fiction, articles). 


Her work highlights the importance of representation and visibility. She has a precise attention to detail and brings a deep expertise without overwhelming the writer."

- Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brown Consulting 

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