Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation live in every aspect of the employee, customer, and client experience.


Jen O'Ryan, PhD
Double Tall Consulting

Clients hire me because I can -

• Spot things in content or manuscripts that they can't (too close to the      work, too overwhelmed to think about it, not sure what to look for)

• Suggest or design nuanced alternatives that land differently, are more inclusive, and make their message available to a broader audience

• Provide guidance and advice without coming from a place of judgment - we're all at different places on the journey

• Do all of this in a way that is authentic for the client and their intentions

Editing for Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation

Let's clear out all that bias, stereotypes, and outdated terms lurking in your manuscripts, training courses, or organizational culture.


Working with humans - it's going to get messy 

Developing content that's welcoming to a broader audience involves a lot of learning (and unlearning)

Check out a workshop or series that can get you started


"Jen is committed to helping writers and publishers create a more inclusive, accessible product. She combines a deep understanding of Inclusion and Diversity with an extensive background in writing for different audiences (technical papers, academic, non-fiction, articles). 


Her work highlights the importance of representation and visibility. She has a precise attention to detail and brings a deep expertise without overwhelming the writer."

- Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brown Consulting